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6 Questions to Consider


This section lists a number of issues that will need further consideration in the development of product stewardship schemes. The questions seek to focus your comments, but if there are other aspects you wish to comment on please do so.

Once comment on this discussion document has been received, government will consider whether legislation is required. Any legislation introduced would be open to further scrutiny and comment through the select committee process.

Product stewardship

1) What are your views on the priority product areas for product stewardship schemes in New Zealand? Give reasons for your views.

2) What assessment process should precede any decision to establish:

a) a product stewardship scheme

b) any regulation to enforce or establish a product stewardship scheme?

3) Is the proposal to negotiate product stewardship agreements a necessary step in establishing specific product stewardship schemes?

4) Should a product stewardship policy provide for more than one industry sector scheme, as proposed, or limit sectors to a single scheme?

5) What role should the Ministry for the Environment play in the development of product stewardship schemes?

6) What circumstances would justify government regulation of product stewardship schemes? What criteria should be used to determine if government should regulate?

7) How should government organise any enforcement that may be needed for regulation?

8) Should government ensure an equivalent acceptance of environmental responsibility by all companies by regulating companies who may gain a competitive advantage by not participating in product stewardship schemes where other companies have agreed to do so?

9) Do you think there is a case for including mandatory product stewardship tools (such as deposit-refund schemes) in a product stewardship policy?

10) How should the costs of product stewardship schemes be met? Should they fall solely on those creating the waste (the producer of the product and the consumer), or should they fall on those benefiting from reduced waste?

11) What obligations should product stewardship schemes place on different parties, and how can assurance be given that these obligations will be met?

12) How can assurance be given that products manufactured domestically and imported are both included in product stewardship schemes and treated evenly? Are there other trade issues for your industry that we should consider?

13) What other policy or design issues need to be considered in the development of product stewardship schemes?