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Purpose of this document

Purpose of this document

The purpose of this document is to describe how to use the Online Waste Levy System (OWLS) to register, send returns and apply for extensions of time, waivers, methodologies and refunds.

Intended audience

The intended audience for this document is waste disposal facility operators who will use OWLS.

How to use this guide

This guide has been designed to help with using OWLS. It explains the purpose of the screens, how to use the screens, and other important information about using the site.

You will need to use this guide together with the Calculation and Payment of the Waste Disposal Levy guide, which covers information about the:

  • Waste Minimisation Act 2008

  • Waste Minimisation (Calculation and Payment of Waste Disposal Levy) Regulations 2009

  • disposal facility operator’s responsibilities regarding the levy.

Where to go for help

An online help Where to go for help function is available from every screen within OWLS.

If you need additional advice, or help with using OWLS, please call our helpdesk on 0800 WDLEVY (0800 935 389).

Further information

Further information about the waste disposal levy is available from:

The Ministry for the Environment
Phone: 0800 WDLEVY (0800 935 389)
Ministry website:
OWLS website:

When you contact us via 0800 WDLEVY, depending on your query, we may need to verify your identity. We will do this using information you provided when you registered.