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This glossary explains terms used in this guide.

Annual return The process where an approved disposal facility submits waste figures to the levy collector on an annual, rather than monthly basis. This provision only applies to waste disposal facilities that receive an annual tonnage of no more than 1000 tonnes and have been approved by the levy collector to submit annual returns.
Amendment A change to the amount of material received, diverted or disposed of at a facility for a particular return. The amendment creates a credit/debit adjustment as well as an amendment to previously submitted tonnage figures.
Average tonnage method A method for calculating gross tonnage by recording the number of light vehicles delivering waste to the facility and applying an average weight per vehicle, rather than weighing every vehicle.
Data entry user The person registered to enter returns data for a disposal facility.
Diverted material Diverted tonnage is the tonnage of waste or diverted material that is reused or recycled at the disposal facility, or is removed from the facility, not later than six months after entering the facility (unless an extension has been approved by the Secretary for the Environment).
Estimate The process where the levy collector calculates the amount of levy payable when a disposal facility operator has failed to submit a valid return.
Methodology The method(s) used to calculate waste and diverted material tonnage at a disposal facility.
Monthly return The process where a disposal facility submits waste figures to the levy collector on a monthly basis.
Operator Operator means the person in control of a disposal facility or other facility.
Return The tonnage data entered by the disposal facility for the levy collector to calculate the levy due.
Refund The process where a disposal facility can apply for a refund of the levy money paid after a waiver was granted.
Reimbursement The process where a disposal facility can request a reimbursement for an amount of money credited against the account.
Verifier The person registered to enter, modify and submit returns and applications on behalf of a disposal facility. The Verifier is responsible for declaring information entered is correct and accurate.
Waiver A disposal facility can apply to have all or part of the levy waived. The amount of the waiver may be calculated from tonnage figures supplied by the disposal facility, and may include other charges such as interest.