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Chapter 6: Reports

This chapter provides information on the reports available for a disposal facility.

In this chapter

This chapter contains the following topics:

  • Overview
  • Generate or export a report


OWLS users have the ability to generate reports that provide information about their disposal facility. The table below summarises these reports.


Information included

Active Users

Displays all the current active users for a disposal facility

Applications Summary

Summarises all applications submitted by the disposal facility

Invoices and Payments

Summary of all invoices and payments

Return Details Summary

Displays the most up to date information relating to a reporting period for a disposal facility

Accessing reports

Reports can be accessed from your facility’s home page by:

  • clicking one of the four report links on the right of the screen

  • clicking the Reports link in the content menu and selecting the relevant report in the Report Type field.

Generate or export a report

When to use

Use these steps to generate a report online, or export the report as a Pdf or Excel document.








  • click the Reports link in the content menu and select the relevant report from the Report Type drop-down menu
  • click the relevant report name on the right of the screen on your home page.

Result: The page displays for the selected report.


If you want to:

  • generate the report to display online, go to step 3.
  • export the report as a Pdf or Excel document, go to step 4.


Click Generate.

Result: The report displays on screen as below.


Click Export Pdf or Export Excel as appropriate.

Result: The File Download popup displays.


Click Open to open the report or click Save to save a copy of the report to your computer.

What happens next?

Generate other reports as required.