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New Zealand Non-Municipal Landfill Database Report

Publication date:  October 2014
Publication reference number:  CR 190

In 2013, the Ministry commissioned Tonkin & Taylor to produce a database of non-levied waste facilities in New Zealand, building on an earlier database developed by the Ministry. The objective of the project was to identify the number of non-levied facilities and estimate the total tonnage and composition of waste disposed of to these sites for the period 1950–2015.

Tonkin & Taylor were able to add some raw data to the information held in the existing database, but information could not be obtained on many landfills or farm dumps. Total tonnages were estimated based on GDP in each region.  The New Zealand Non-Municipal Landfill Database Report was prepared for the Ministry to accompany the database, which contains commercially sensitive information. It summarises the statistical findings, methodology and data limitations.