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The Ministry for the Environment has produced this best practice guidance document to assist local government when procuring contracts for waste management and recycling.

The guidelines were prepared between October 2005 and May 2006 and were based on the information available at the time.  Since then the policy guiding waste management and minimisation has gone through - and continues to go through - a period of increased focus and development.  The Ministry for the Environment is currently in the process of developing waste policy that will have a direct impact on the way waste management and minimisation are carried out in New Zealand.

As a result of these changes, an internal Ministry review of the document was carried out in April 2007 to ensure the information in the document was still accurate.  To reflect some of the changes that had occurred since the document was compiled, the Ministry made a number of amendments in May 2007.

The Ministry for the Environment is now releasing this document as a working draft, and we will discuss the document with councils to identify how it can be improved.  The Ministry has prioritised a work programme to update guidance to local government on preparing waste management plans, and this update will be done concurrently.  Changes resulting from the current phase of waste policy development will also be incorporated, where necessary.

Further development in the following sections is planned:

  • recycling methods and material quality
  • evaluation criteria
  • weighting objectives
  • national policy and strategy
  • collection of waste and recycling data
  • key performance indicators (KPI)
  • contract templates
  • contract term and flexibility
  • encouraging innovation.

We welcome your feedback on this document.