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Future eDays

The engagement of 33 communities in eDay 2008 was a stunning achievement. In the weeks leading up to eDay, inquiries were received from other communities wishing to participate, but at that stage it was too late to include them. All 2008 participating communities have indicated a strong interest in running another eDay in 2009. This suggests that as many as 40 communities could be expected to participate in 2009.

The passing into legislation of the Waste Minimisation Act in September 2008 is an important step forward in developing a long-term sustainable solution for dealing with e-waste. However, it could take a further 2–3 years before commercial e-waste schemes are fully operational. Even when these are operational, there might be a need for an annual education event to remind communities about the ways they can safely dispose of e-waste.

The driver survey also indicated that nearly 60% of the people dropping off equipment on eDay viewed collection events such as eDay as their preferred method for recycling e-waste.