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The Urban Design Toolkit would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of a large number of people. The project began in May 2004 with a focus group workshop with representatives from central and local government, the development sector, surveyors, resource management lawyers and planners, engineers, landscape architects, architects and urban designers. The workshop set the direction of the Toolkit towards a detailed record of urban design methods and techniques. These techniques would inform people on the processes to help achieve quality urban design outcomes and add value to urban design initiatives. The first edition of the Urban Design Toolkit was published in February 2006. The second edition was published in April 2007.

Since then, several additions to the tools and examples have been requested. The Ministry for the Environment would like to thank people for their feedback, because it is through this that the Toolkit has been enhanced and developed further.

We would also like to thank urban design professionals and education providers who have used the Toolkit as a resource in their work. This has increased the base of Toolkit users throughout the country.

The Urban Design Toolkit is a living, web-based resource. We look forward to ongoing feedback and contributions of additional tools, references and examples, to help with the development of further editions.

This edition has been project-managed by Erica Sefton, with input from Yvonne Weeber in the Ministry for the Environment’s Liaison and Review Team.