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Urban Design Protocol publications on CD

Publication date:  March 2009
Publication reference number:  INFO 392

This CD contains pdf files of the following Urban Design Protocol publications:

  • New Zealand Urban Design Protocol
  • Urban Design Protocol Action Pack
  • Urban Design Protocol Case Studies
  • Addison Housing Development case study
  • Urban Design Case Studies – Local Government
  • The Value of Urban Design (full report)
  • Summary of the Value of Urban Design
  • Review of Urban Design Case Law
  • Appointing an Urban Design Champion
  • Urban Design Toolkit (3rd edition)
  • Urban Design Continuing Professional Development course outline
  • Youth Activity Pack
  • Value Case for Sustainable Buildings
  • Sustainable Buildings in the Auckland Region
  • National guidelines for Crime Prevention – Part 1
  • National guidelines for Crime Prevention – Part 2
  • Good Solutions Guide for Apartments
  • Good Solutions Guide for Mixed Use Development in Town Centres
  • Good Solutions Guide for Medium Density Housing
  • People, Places, Spaces: a design guide for NZ
  • People, Places, Spaces: summary

Copies of the CD are available free from the Ministry for the Environment (email