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Urban design continuing professional development programme training course material

Publication date:  April 2005
Publication reference number:  No number

The Urban Design Continuing Professional Development Programme training course material was developed as part of the implementation of the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol. It was developed as many Urban Design Protocol signatories identified in-house urban design training as a priority in their action plans. The course material provides a basis for this training by providing an introduction to the principles and methods of urban design in a contemporary New Zealand context. It aims to develop a shared understanding of urban design principles, tools and techniques among all built environment professions in New Zealand. This includes planners, surveyors, architects, landscape architects, traffic engineers, and property developers.

It identifies a series of design issues commonly encountered within New Zealand towns and cities, and provides conceptual and practical tools which can be used to address these. People taking this course will not become 'trained' urban designers. It will augment the skills of practising professionals from other disciplines so these individuals are better able to assess design proposals and consider the implications of design decisions.