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Vision and Mission Statement


Making New Zealand towns and cities more successful through quality urban design.

Mission statement

The New Zealand Urban Design Protocol calls for a significant step up in the quality of urban design in New Zealand and a change in the way we think about our towns and cities. As part of a co-ordinated programme of sustainable development, it aims to ensure New Zealand's towns and cities are successful places for people.

It will achieve this by:

  • creating a national cross-sector commitment to quality urban design
  • providing a national resource of tools, actions and experiences
  • setting up partnerships between government, the private sector and professionals
  • increasing the awareness of quality urban design and demonstrating its value.

The Urban Design Protocol recognises that:

  • towns and cities are complex systems that require integrated management
  • quality urban design is an essential component of successful towns and cities
  • urban design needs to be an integral part of all urban decision-making
  • urban design requires alliances across sectors and professionals
  • urban design applies at all scales, from small towns to large cities
  • urban design has a significant influence on people and how they live their lives
  • our towns and cities are important expressions of New Zealand's cultural identity including our unique Maori heritage.