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Submissions lodged

Totals submissions and submitters positions

There were a total of 1244 submissions received by Minister Pete Hodgson for the Minister for the Environment.

Position Submissions Lodged
Support 17
Neutral 14
Mixed 40
Oppose 1160
Not Stated 13
Total 1244

Hearing of Submitters

Want to be Heard Submissions Lodged
Yes 899
No 214
Not Stated 131

Submission Focus

Submissions are totalled by their scope: whether they have a general focus on the entire requirement and applications; focus on specific aspects or districts, or did not state whether they focussed on any specific or general aspect.

Submission focus Submissions Lodged
Entire Notice and all consent applications 1102
Specific aspects
(E.G. Overhead sections) or specific districts
Not Stated 14

Submitter Geographic Location

All submissions were sorted for location of submitter based on the address for service information. This was matched against known locations from the notification database to give a general set of data for geographical location purposes.

City and District Council districts were used to yield broad submitter locations (referred to as zones in tables 1 to 7).

District (zone)  
Manukau City 228
Franklin District 186
Waikato District 84
Matamata-Piako District 181
Waipa District 172
South Waikato District 74
Taupo District 14

There were 305 submissions that could not be assigned to one of the specific districts listed above.  These submissions had an address for service that was either a postal facility was not in these districts, or the submitter used a representative to submit on their behalf.

Overview of Submissions

Tables 1 to 7 provide a general collation of submissions, under topic headings and include a summary of reasons and summary of the decision sought by each submitter.

The topic headings used are based on common matters raised in submissions on Transpower’s Upper North Island Grid Upgrade proposal.

Table 1: National/Regional matters

Table 2: Cultural section

Table 3: RMA/Planning section

Table 4: Alternate generation section

Table 5: Underground section

Table 6: Overhead section

Table 7: General/No classification

Note that some submitters lodged more than one submission and in some cases their names will appear in two or more groups. Some submitters lodged submissions in support of certain matters, in opposition to others, and were neutral on others again.  In these cases, submission ns may appear in more than one sections of this report.

Lists of Submissions

Appendices 1 and 2 list all of the submissions provided to the Board of Inquiry by the Minister.  Appendices 3 to 6 list those submissions assigned to each of the four grouping codes (A-D).

Appendix 1 Alphabetic list of submissions

Appendix 2 Numerical list of

Appendix 3 Type A form group

Appendix 4 Type B form grouip submissions

Appendix 5 Type C form group

Appendix 6 Type D form group submissions