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Schedule One Process – Plan changes: Quantitative and qualitative evaluation

Publication date:  July 2008
Publication reference number:  CR 140

This report, prepared by Harrison Grierson, presents the results of a pilot study, which gathered qualitative and quantitative information from a sample of local authorities in the Bay of Plenty, to test the validity of claims often heard in the media and in other anecdotal comments that the plan change process is bureaucratic, lengthy, costly and the process could be streamlined. The report found that the Schedule 1 process is essentially sound; however, there are matters and areas that may require some refinement.


This publication has not been updated to reflect changes made to the Resource Management Act 1991 as a result of the Resource Management Amendment Act 2013, the Local Government (Auckland Transitional Provisions) Amendment Act 2013, and the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Amendment Act 2013. If you are uncertain about issues raised in this publication then direct reference should be made to the relevant legislation and further expert advice sought if necessary. The Ministry for the Environment will not be held responsible for any action arising out of the use of this publication.