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Report for needs analysis

Publication date:  December 2011
Publication reference number:  CR 130

The Needs Analysis was one of four studies undertaken as part of the RMA Monitoring and Review Project. The study identified and helped us better understand what needs to be monitored under the RMA.

A variety of RMA monitoring types were identified which could be categorised into three areas:

  • internal Ministry for the Environment systems or processes
  • council implementation
  • activities of other parties with roles under the RMA such as applicants, iwi, or boards of inquiry.

The study identified other points including the:

  • differences between monitoring processes and monitoring outcomes, such as the difference between resource consent timing and resource consent decisions
  • linkages to factors outside the RMA that influence outcomes, for instance, non-regulatory methods (such as education) and long-term plans
  • need for qualitative monitoring to understand outcomes or influences on processes.

The Needs Analysis was completed in December 2011. This informed the Stocktake study and is informing stage two of the project where the content of the framework will be developed.

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