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Appendix 4: WasteTRACK

What is WasteTRACK?

WasteTRACK is an internet-based database, which consolidates manifest, facility and carrier data to track liquid and hazardous wastes from generation, through transport to treatment or disposal. WasteTRACK is administered under contract to the Ministry for the Environment.

Each time a waste movement is requested by a waste generator (in our case, a household), the waste contractor (septic tank cleaners, suckers and dumpers, etc) creates a tracking form with a unique number that follows that waste from pick-up through to ultimate treatment/disposal. This allows each individual waste movement to be monitored.

WasteTRACK uses the waste contractor as the key operator in the tracking process. Before a contractor can begin using WasteTRACK, information on the operation must be entered into the database so that when a tracking form is being created the contractor can access that information.

There is a list of contractors registered with WasteTRACK, which the household can access via the internet. However, some households do not have an internet-connected computer at home, so if the standard is implemented councils could provide this information. There are around 50 contractors under 'septage waste category' who are actually installing or replacing septic tanks and doing pump-outs.

How does it work?

There are a number of stages, as follows.

  1. Waste is produced by a generator household.
  2. The household looks up the most suitable contractor from WasteTRACK.
  3. The contractor arranges to collect the waste from the house and opens a new tracking system.
  4. The tracking form is printed off and given to the driver.
  5. The driver places the tracking form in the cab. The driver visits the household and collects the waste and takes it to the appropriate treatment plant.
  6. The treatment plant accepts the waste if the tracking form is completed correctly. The plant then logs in and completes their part of the tracking form.
  7. The contractor closes the tracking form.

Benefits of using WasteTRACK

The WasteTRACK system:

  • ensures the safe transportation of wastes (septic tank sludge) to an approved treatment/ disposal facility

  • monitors and tracks wastes to prevent unauthorised discharge into the natural environment

  • collates information to help central and local government identify priority waste management issues, and to help develop good policy

  • provides an even and competitive system for companies in the broader waste management industry.

WasteTRACK has been developed to ensure that it meets these requirements by:

  • requiring waste treatment and disposal locations to be approved before being entered into the tracking system

  • allowing regulators to monitor the waste transporters that are entered into the system, which reduces regulators’ time as they can focus on those businesses that are not using WasteTRACK

  • allowing for the information in WasteTRACK to be extracted via reports to assist with waste management and business planning

  • requiring all contractors to use WasteTRACK and meet the same standard, which means the industry will operate on a level playing field.