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Māori values supplement

Publication date:  December 2010
Publication reference number:  ME 679

The purpose of the Māori Values Supplement is to improve the quality of RMA decision making and resource management practice by increasing awareness of, and better integrating, Māori values, knowledge and aspirations (matauranga Māori and tikanga Māori) into resource management processes and activities.

The Māori Values Supplement helps RMA decision-makers and practitioners to:

  1. understand key concepts and values underpinning Māori perceptions of the environment
  2. integrate Māori values and dimensions into decision-making at hearings
  3. facilitate practical expression of tikanga Māori in hearing proceedings.

RMA decision-makers and practitioners using the Māori Values Supplement will be better able to:

  • contemplate proposals in the context of Māori values
  • weigh evidence that is based on Māori values
  • mitigate, avoid or remedy effects on Māori values
  • impose appropriate resource consent conditions in relation to Māori subject matter
  • accommodate tikanga Māori in hearing proceedings
  • enhance participation of Māori in hearings
  • identify whether or not sufficient information is available to ensure well informed and balanced decision-making in respect of Māori subject matter.