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Information sheets on resource management processes for general public

Publication date:  October 2017
Publication reference number:  INFO 812a-812e

The following information sheets provide an overview of processes under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) for resource consents, deemed permitted boundary activities, and plan-making. These information sheets reflect changes made to the RMA through the Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2017.

Information sheet Title Description

Information for applicants: Resource consents

Basic information on resource consents; when they are needed and how to apply for a resource consent
2 Information for affected persons: Written approvals An outline of what is involved in giving someone your written approval for a resource consent or deemed permitted boundary activity.
3 Information for submitters: Preparing a submission on a notified consent An outline on how to prepare a submission on a notified consent.
4 Information for applicants and submitters: Notified resource consents An overview of publicly notified resource consents and limited notified resource consents.
5 Information for applicants: Deemed permitted boundary activities An outline of the process for applying for a deemed permitted activity under the Resource Management Act 1991.
6 (published in October 2018) Information on streamlined planning process An outline of streamlined planning process (SPP) for interested persons, particularly those who may wish to participate in a SPP.