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Appendix 1: Abbreviations used in this document

EPA - Environmental Protection Authority

GPS - Government Policy Statement

HPA - Historic Places Act 1993

ITAG - Infrastructure Technical Advisory Group

LGA -Local Government Act 2002

LTCCP - Long-term council community plan

LTMA - Land Transport Management Act 2003

MfE - Ministry for the Environment

NES - National environmental standard

NIP - National infrastructure plan

NLTP - National Land Transport Programme

NPS - National policy statement

PWA - Public Works Act 1981

RLTS - Regional Land Transport Strategy

RLTP - Regional Land Transport Programme

RMA - Resource Management Act 1991

RMII - Resource Management Act Phase II Reforms

RPS - Regional policy statement

TAG - Technical advisory group – groups appointed by the Government in December 2008 (Phase One), July 2009 (Aquaculture) and January 2010 (RMII, Infrastructure and Urban) to provide independent advice on resource management reform.

The Act - The Resource Management Act 1991

The Ministry - The Ministry for the Environment

UTAG - Urban Technical Advisory Group