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3. Representation arrangements

This section outlines the constituencies and boundaries for elected councillors of Environment Canterbury (ECan).


The mixed-model will have seven elected councillors covering the Canterbury region across four constituencies. The boundaries for these constituencies will as far as practicable, coincide with existing territorial authority boundaries in Canterbury.

Constituencies and boundaries

  • Seven elected councillors will be elected from four constituencies:
    • one councillor elected from a South Canterbury constituency comprising those parts of the Waitaki District in the ECan region and the Waimate, Timaru and Mackenzie Districts
    • one councillor elected from a Mid-Canterbury constituency comprising the Selwyn and Ashburton Districts
    • four councillors elected at-large from a constituency comprising Christchurch City
    • one councillor elected from a North Canterbury constituency comprising the Waimakariri, Kaikoura and Hurunui Districts.
  • Representation arrangements, constituencies and boundaries will be outlined in legislation.

Requirement to carry out a representation review prior to elections

  • ECan will be exempt from the requirement to carry out a representation review for the 2016 local authority elections under the Local Electoral Act 2001.
  • ECan will be required to conduct a representation review and decide its representation arrangements under the Local Electoral Act 2001 for the 2019 local authority elections.