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The Resource Management Act (RMA) is the cornerstone of good environmental management in New Zealand. Making comprehensive information about the operation of the Act available to all New Zealanders is an essential part of ongoing efforts across government to improve this country's environmental performance. It is also a hallmark of transparency and good public service.

Every two years, the Ministry for the Environment undertakes an RMA survey with the assistance of local authorities. The survey is our principal source of information about RMA processes and helps us to monitor the implementation and operation of the Act. It also allows comparisons to be made between local authorities, promoting performance benchmarking, and stimulating discussion and the sharing of good practice.

This publication reports the findings of the eighth RMA survey. The results provide a solid benchmark against which we can measure improvements over time. The report also indicates areas where implementation should be improved. I encourage local authorities to make use of it to ensure that the RMA is operating as effectively as it should.


Hugh Logan
Chief Executive