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Report of the Minister for the Environment’s Resource Management Act 1991 Principles Technical Advisory Group

Publication date:  July 2012
Publication reference number:  CR 129

This is an independent review of sections 6 and 7 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and other sections related to natural hazards. 

In October 2011, the Government established an independent technical advisory group to review the principles in sections 6 and 7 of the RMA. Sections 6 and 7 list “matters of national importance” and “other matters” that have a substantial role in shaping and directing how the RMA’s purpose is given effect through planning and decision-making.  

The terms of reference [PDF, 32 KB] for the report largely focussed on how sections 6 and 7 could be improved to reflect contemporary values and priorities and address current and emerging issues, such as managing natural hazard risks and urban and infrastructure development.