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New Zealand coastal sea surface temperature

Publication date:  October 2019
Publication reference number:  CR 388

This report updates previously published data (2015) on coastal sea-surface temperature from 11 sites around New Zealand. The 11 sites range from Ahipara in the north of the North Island, to Bluff at the south of the South Island.

Coastal sea-surface temperature is both a response to, and a control of, the local climate. It has an impact on local flora and fauna and may be important in controlling the local ecology as well as the limiting factor in range expansion of various introduced species. 

The report includes:

  • an update to coastal sea-surface temperature records for five sites
  • a sea-surface temperature has been extracted for each site about 20 to 30 km offshore 
  • a statistical analysis of the long-term trends in coastal sea-surface temperature  and sea-surface temperature  from each site.

Data set

The data is available on our data server.