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Long-term indicators for non-indigenous species in marine systems

Publication date:  October 2019
Publication reference number:  CR 389

This report updates indicators for non-indigenous species (NIS) with new data compiled since 2016. 

Three indicators are reported on as follows: 
•    time-series information on the presence and/or absence of non-indigenous species in New Zealand waters, and by region 
•    range expansion and/or decrease for the main selected species 
•    the abundance and/or prevalence and change in abundance and/or prevalence for the main selected species.


Appendix A: Time series data on NIS in New Zealand

Appendix B: Cumulative latitudinal extents of NIS in New Zealand from 2009-March 2018

Appendix C: Grid cell occupancy of 'key species' by year for all MHRSS ports and harbours 

Data set

The data is available on our data server.