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Annex 2: Applicable Legislation, Guidelines and Policy

Legislation and Guidelines

  1. Marine Protection Rules and Advisory Circulars under the Maritime Transport Act 1994 plus Maritime Rules relating to associated supporting maritime activities [Specifically Marine Protection Rules Parts 124 (Offshore Installations) and 170 (Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships & Offshore Installations), both to be subsumed by 200 (Offshore Installation Discharges), plus 102 (Certificates of Insurance & Amendment), 132 (Dispersants & Demulsifiers) and 180 (Dumping of Waste or Other Matter). Various other rules apply to normal operations of ancillary vessels.]
  2. Guidelines for Minimising Acoustic Disturbance to Marine Mammals from Seismic Survey Operations
  3. The New Zealand Import Health Standard for Ballast Water from all Countries under the Biosecurity Act 1993
  4. Biosecurity Act 1993
  5. Safety Zones (Exclusion Zones)
    (IMO; Maritime Transport Act 1994; Continental Shelf Act 1964; Territorial Sea, Contiguous Zone, and Exclusive Economic Zone Act 1977)
  6. Installation and Protection of Subsea Pipelines under the Submarine Cables and Pipelines Protection Act 1996
  7. Marine Mammals Protection Act 1978
  8. Wildlife Act 1953
  9. Health and Safety in Employment (Petroleum Exploration and Extraction) Regulations 1999


  1. The New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy 2000
  2. The Sustainable Development Programme of Action 2003
  3. The New Zealand National Policy on the Sea Disposal of Wastes
  4. Climate change policy (see