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Activity classifications under the EEZ Act: Summary of submissions

Publication date:  December 2013
Publication reference number:  ME 1138

This is a summary of submissions on the Government’s consultation on a discussion document, Activity Classifications under the EEZ Act, on proposals to regulate:

  • exploratory drilling for oil and gas
  • discharges of harmful substances from offshore structures and production facilities on board mineral mining ships
  • dumping of waste.

Submissions and feedback were sought on questions in the discussion document including whether:

  • the assessment of issues was correct
  • the definition of ‘harmful substance’ is correct
  • the proposals would deliver effective and efficient oceans management, or there were better alternatives
  • there are any unintended consequences that may arise from the proposals.

The submission period ended on 25 September 2013 and the Ministry for the Environment (the Ministry) received 21,221 submissions.

For more information about the proposals see the EEZ Act questions and answers web page.