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Future reporting

Through our Environmental Reporting Programme we will continue to work with data providers to improve on existing data and expand our range of indicators for future reports.

Our strategic intentions for supporting mātauranga Māori are set out in the Ministry for the Environment’s (2016) Reporting environmental impacts on te ao Māori: A strategic scoping document.

Initiatives under way

We have a data improvement project under way to provide national coastal-water-quality data across a range of physical, chemical, and microbiological variables. Data should be available for reporting by 2019. The Ministry for the Environment is also looking into a project to monitor beach litter, using citizen science.

Medium- to long-term reporting improvements

Reporting improvements we have identified by theme, in no particular order, include:

Mātauranga Māori

  • use of marine cultural health indexes

Oceans and the climate

  • ocean currents


  • population data across more marine plant and animal groups

Coastal habitats and ecosystems

  • health of shellfish and emerging contaminants of coastal waters
  • the ecology of coastal and estuarine environments
  • sedimentation of open coasts, harbours, and estuaries from land and rivers
  • nutrient loading on estuaries and the coastal zone
  • algal blooms and other indications of eutrophication


  • ecosystem effects such as marine trophic index across the EEZ
  • recreational fishing
  • wider information on fish species populations


  • marine mining.