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Appendix 2: Conservation status of New Zealand’s resident indigenous seabirds, shorebirds, and marine mammals

Table A2.1

Seabirds – threatened

Nationally critical Nationally endangered Nationally vulnerable

Antipodean albatross 

Black-billed gull 

Chatham Island shag

Chatham Island taiko

Codfish Island diving petrel

Eastern rockhopper penguin

Gibson's wandering albatross

Kermadec white-faced storm petrel

New Zealand fairy tern

Pacific white tern

Pitt Island shag

Salvin's mollymawk

Black-fronted tern

Bounty Island shag

Fiordland created penguin

King shag

Masked (blue-faced) booby

New Zealand storm petrel

Red-tailed tropicbird

White-bellied storm petrel


Auckland Island shag

Black petrel

Caspian tern

Chatham Island petrel

Flesh-footed shearwater

Grey-headed mollymawk

Pied shag

Red-billed gull

Southern white-fronted tern

Stewart Island shag

White-flippered blue penguin

Yellow-eyed penguin

worsened or improved status between the 2008–11 and 2012–14 assessment periods

high or very high risk of bycatch

Source: Robertson et al (2013)

Table A2.2

Seabirds – at risk

Declining Relict Naturally uncommon

Erect-crested penguin

Hutton’s shearwater

Light-mantled sooty albatross

NZ white-capped mollymawk

Northern blue penguin

Sooty shearwater

Southern blue penguin

White-chinned petrel

White-fronted tern



Antarctic tern

North Island little shearwater

Pycroft’s petrel

Broad-billed prion

Cook’s petrel

Fairy prion

Fluttering shearwater

Grey-backed storm petrel

Kermadec little shearwater

Kermadec petrel

Mottled petrel

NZ white-faced storm petrel

Northern diving petrel

Southern diving petrel

Wedge-tailed shearwater

White napped petrel

Antarctic prion

Black shag

Blue shag

Brown skua

Buller’s shearwater

Campbell Island mollymawk

Campbell Island shag

Chatham fulmar prion

Chatham Island blue penguin

Chatham Island mollymawk

Fulmar prion

Grey petrel

Grey ternlet

Lesser fulmar prion

Little black shag

Northern Buller’s mollymawk

Northern giant petrel

Northern royal albatross

Snares Cape pigeon

Snares crested penguin

Sooty tern

Southern Buller’s mollymawk

Southern royal albatross

Subantarctic little shearwater

Westland petrel

White-capped noddy

worsened status between the 2008–11 and 2012–14 assessment periods

Source: Robertson et al (2013)

Table A2.3

Seabirds – not threatened

Australasian gannet

Black-bellied storm petrel

Black-winged petrel

Grey-faced petrel

Little shag

Southern black-backed gull

Spotted shag

Subantarctic diving petrel

White-headed petrel

Source: Robertson et al (2013)

Table A2.4



At risk

Not threatened

Nationally critical

Chatham Island oystercatcher

New Zealand shore plover

Southern New Zealand dotterel

White heron


Nationally endangered

Reef heron


Nationally vulnerable

Banded dotterel

Northern New Zealand dotterel



New Zealand pied oystercatcher

Pied stilt



Variable oystercatcher


Naturally uncommon

Auckland Island banded dotterel

White-faced heron

Spur winged plover

Source: Robertson et al (2013)

Table A2.5

Marine mammals


Not threatened

Data deficient

Nationally critical

Bryde’s whale

Māui dolphin

New Zealand sea lion

Orca (killer whale)

Southern elephant seal


Nationally endangered

Bottlenose dolphin

Hector’s dolphin


Nationally vulnerable

Southern right whale

Antarctic minke whale

Common dolphin

False killer whale

Gray’s beaked whale

Long-finned pilot whale

New Zealand fur seal

Pygmy sperm whale

Southern right whale dolphin

Sperm whale

Andrews’ beaked whale

Cuvier’s beaked whale

Dense-beaked whale

Hector’s beaked whale

Hourglass dolphin

Pygmy right whale

Shepherd’s beaked whale

Southern bottlenose whale

Spade-toothed whale

Spectacled porpoise

Strap-toothed whale

True’s beaked whale

 improved status between the 2008–11 and 2012–14 assessment periods

Source: Baker et al (2016)