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About this report and other products

Our marine environment 2016 is for all New Zealanders interested in understanding how and why New Zealand’s marine environment is changing. We have simplified often complex data and science to minimise the use of technical terms, but encourage you to refer to the glossary for explanations of technical terms.

See New Zealand’s top marine issues at a glance and the Executive summary for an overview of the report’s main findings and conclusions.

See Introduction to our marine environment and environmental reporting for a description of New Zealand’s marine environment, a discussion of Māori systems of knowledge and their relevance to environmental reporting, and some important limitations of this report.

The rest of the report focuses on four themes:

  • our oceans and the climate
  • our marine birds and mammals
  • our coastal waters, harbours, and estuaries
  • our fisheries and the impact of fishing on marine ecosystems.

Each theme has its own chapter in which we discuss the pressures on marine habitats and species and outline what we know about the state of the marine environment and how it is changing. In a summary and implications section at the end of each chapter we discuss some actual and potential impacts these change have on marine ecosystems and our well-being.

Download our infographic for a pictorial overview of our findings

New Zealand’s marine environment at a glance is a visual representation of our key findings. Use this resource if you want basic information on our marine environment.

Go to our webpages and data service for more detailed scientific information

Environmental indicators Te taiao Aoteraoa has graphs, maps, tables, and more detailed scientific descriptions of our findings.

Access the data service if you want to conduct your own analysis of the data. The data service also provides reports that explain the methodologies we used in our analysis.