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Contaminated land management guidelines No. 5: Site investigation and analysis of soils (revised 2011)

Publication date:  February 2004
Publication reference number:  ME 1073

Draft revised guideline

We consulted on updates to the Contaminated Land Management Guideline 5 and we have updated the draft guidelines based on the submissions received. We have released the 2016 draft revised guideline (below) as it assists understanding of the proposed amendments to the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health. There may be further minor changes to the guideline as a result of the consultation on the proposed amendments to the NESCS. 

You can view the draft revised guideline via the following link:

The 2011 version of Contaminated Land Management Guideline 1 is the ‘current edition’ for NESCS purposes. We will provide for a transitional period before the new version of the guideline is gazetted to allow for investigations currently being undertaken.

This guideline provides best practice for the sampling and analysis of soils on sites where hazardous substances are present or suspected in soils in New Zealand, and guidance on the principles governing the interpretation of the data obtained.

Changes from the 2004 version

This guideline had minor updates in October 2011 including:

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