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The guideline is largely based on the following reports:

The Management of Historic Sheep-dip Sites, URS report prepared for WaiPAC by Louise Gibson (URS), Ministry for the Environment Sustainable Management Fund, 6 October 2004. This was based on the following reports provided by the DipSMF Management Team.

  • Annual Report: Management Guidelines for Contaminated Sheep-dip Sites - 1 July 2002 - 31 December 2004, Stages 1−6 and Extension Activities Stages 3b, 4e and 5d, NL Babbage (HortResearch) and G McBride (WaiPAC)
  • Contaminated Sheep-dip Site Discovery Methods - New Zealand's Experience, J Hadfield (Environment Waikato)
  • Management Guidelines for Contaminated Sheep-dip Sites - Discovery, V Snow, B Robinson and B Clothier (HortResearch)
  • Recommendations for Soil Acceptance Criteria Protective of Ecological Receptors for Contaminants Associated with Disused Sheep-dip sites, JH Cavanagh and LH Booth (Landcare Research)
  • Report on the Management of Contaminated Waste at Cattle Tick Dip Sites in North Eastern New South Wales, report prepared by the Cattle Tick Dip Site Management Committee, 1992
  • Review of Liability Issues Relating to Contaminated Sheep-dip Sites, M Harland and J Cowles (McCaw Lewis Chapman, Solicitors, Hamilton)
  • Stage 1 Preliminary Report: Project Management, NL Babbage (HortResearch): A Chronology of Site Discovery and Investigation into Contaminated Animal Dipping Sites in New Zealand 1993-2002, G McBride (WaiPAC)
  • Stage 1 Preliminary Student Report: Historical Review of Sheep Dipping in New Zealand, E Hofstee (Earth Sciences Student, Waikato University)
  • Stage 2 National Estimates Prepared of the Numbers of Sheep-dip Sites in New Zealand, D Thomson (Massey University)
  • Stage 3a and 4a Characterisation − Methods Used to Characterise Contamination of Dip Sites and Typical Contaminant Profiles, G Northcott and D McNaughton (HortResearch)
  • Stage 5a and b Meetings with Key Stakeholders and Student Project Reviewed, NL Babbage (HortResearch) and G McBride (WaiPAC)
  • Stage 6b Preliminary Report: Health and Environmental Trial Risk Assessments Undertaken on a Sample Range of Dip Sites, N Kim (Environment Waikato), 2003.

Chapman R. 2003. Investigations into Sheep Dips in the Raglan County. WaiPAC DipSMF Project. Output.

McBride G. 2003. A Chronology of Site Discovery and Investigation into Contaminated Animal Dipping Sites in New Zealand 1993-2002. WaiPAC DipSMF Project Output.

Northcott GL. 2005. Assessment of Sampling Strategies for Contaminated Sheep Dips: Final Report to Ministry for the Environment. HortResearch Client Report 2005/16090. The Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand Ltd: Auckland.

Pattle Delamore and Partners Ltd. 2005. Draft Sheep-dip Guidelines for Local Authorities. Ministry for the Environment: Wellington.

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