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The Ministry for the Environment wishes to acknowledge Sinclair Knight Merz Limited for undertaking the technical work and in preparing this report. The information provided is a significant contribution to the international understanding of PCDD and PCDF emissions from secondary metallurgical processes.

The Ministry also wishes to thank the following contributors:

  • Dr Simon Buckland, ERMANZ (formerly of the Ministry for the Environment, New Zealand) for initiating and managing the project, and, along with Patrick Dyke Consulting Ltd (UK), for undertaking its peer review.
  • the secondary-metal-processing industries who participated in the survey and those who participated in the emission-testing programme
  • Casting Technology (Inc.) for providing industry input in the study design
  • the regional and unitary councils for providing information from their resource consent records
  • AgriQuality New Zealand, who undertook the laboratory analysis
  • K2 Environmental Ltd (New Zealand), who undertook the emission testing

Technical inquiries to: Sinclair Knight Merz Limited, PO Box 10-283, Wellington, New Zealand (ph: +64 4 473 4265; Fax: +64 4 473 3369; Web: