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3 Checklist of Reporting Requirements

The following checklist is provided to help achieve a uniform approach to reporting on contaminated sites, and to ensure that the environmental issues of relevance to the regional council or unitary authority are being addressed to their satisfaction. The aim is not to require identical reporting from consultants, but to ensure the comprehensiveness of information provided. The headings given in the checklist may be used for report section headings.

If a report has to deviate from the checklist, the reasons for this should be clearly stated. Include in the main text of the report all information needed to satisfy any guideline criteria that are applied to the site. If some conclusions need to be supported by large or unwieldy amounts of detail, such detail can be included as a separate appendix to the report, but this fact must be mentioned in the main text.

3.1 Summary checklist

Always include the summary checklist as the first page of your report. It provides the reader with a succinct overview of the full report, the type of information included in each section, and the degree of completeness of the information given. The main checklist and the summary page both use the abbreviations set out in Section 3.2.

3.2 How to use the checklist

The checklist links with stages 1 through 5 of reporting, discussed in Chapter 2. The aim is to provide a logical and sequential list ensuring that each section of a report covers the required data. The listings are indicative and not directive – include additional relevant topics and headings where site details or contaminant issues warrant this.

The first column lists report headings to be included and principal subjects to be covered under each heading. The other columns refer to the principal reporting stages of contaminated site studies, using the following abbreviations:

PSI     preliminary site investigation report

SIR     detailed site investigation report

RAP     site remedial action plan

SVR     site validation report

MMP     ongoing monitoring and management plan.

The following abbreviations indicate the information requirements:

R     the corresponding heading and details are required

A     readily available information should be included

S     a summary of this section's details will be adequate if detailed information has been included in an available referenced report

N     include only if no further site investigation is to be undertaken

X     not applicable and may be omitted.

Download the checklist of reporting requirements.