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Chemical and biological risk: Study of regulatory regimes for managing chemical and biological risk in selected countries and implications for New Zealand

Publication date:  February 2012
Publication reference number:  CR 118

This independent report surveys literature on the regulation of chemical and biological risks in Australia, Canada, China, Japan, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The report was commissioned to help the Ministry understand how others manage these risks, the reasons why particular risk management approaches have been taken, and any lessons New Zealand may take from overseas experiences.

As the Government's principal adviser on the environment, the Ministry routinely monitors the performance of our system for regulating chemical and biological risk. We look to ensure the system is effective, is able to address emerging risks, and manages risk effectively without unnecessarily constraining economic growth. Reviewing how other countries manage these risks helps inform the Ministry's thinking, but this is an independent report commissioned by the Ministry, and does not necessarily represent government policy.