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Appendix G: Section 43 of the Resource Management Act

43. Regulations prescribing national environmental standards

(1) The Governor-General may, by Order in Council, make regulations, to be known as national environmental standards, that prescribe any or all of the following technical standards, methods, or requirements:

(a) standards for the matters referred to in section 9, [[section 11,]] section 12, section 13, section 14, or section 15, including, but not limited to –

(i) contaminants:

(ii) water quality, level, or flow:

(iii) air quality:

(iv) soil quality in relation to the discharge of contaminants:

(b) standards for noise:

(c) standards, methods, or requirements for monitoring.

(2) The regulations may include:

(a) qualitative or quantitative standards:

(b) standards for any discharge or the ambient environment:

(c) methods for classifying a natural or physical resource:

(d) methods, processes, or technology to implement standards:

(e) exemptions from standards:

(f) transitional provisions for standards, methods, or requirements.

(3) Section 360(2) applies to all regulations made under this section.]