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Appendix A: Recommended Register Entries

The following information, where available and relevant, may be included by local authorities when entering a site onto a register.

Site details

a) Legal description

b) Address

c) Valuation roll number

d) Map reference

e) Territorial authority

f) File references

g) Site owner

h) Site owner address

i) Site contact (if different than site owner)

j) Site contact address

k) Date of first entry

l) Name of person making entry

m) Current site use (from HAIL) and current chemicals used on site (if known or relevant)

n) Past site use (multiple entries may be necessary to cover all historical site uses, including dates of operation and chemicals used)

o) Resource consents

p) Related sites - legal description(s) of other site(s) on multi-title properties

q) Comments

r) Status of site entry (eg, was previous information superseded?)

s) Replacement site entries if superseded

Site status (record for each classification, current and new)

a) Category ('land-use information' / 'contaminated land' / 'error')

b) Under investigation (yes or no)

c) Reason for classification (summary of information held and what it shows)

d) Date of classification

e) Classified by <local authority officer's name and position>

f) Information sources (dated)

g) Investigation report and references (dated)

h) Pathways and receptors of concern

i) Chemical concentrations and guideline values used

j) Comments (dated)

k) Date superseded (if applicable)

l) Authorisation to supersede (if applicable)

Record of information transfer or release (one entry for each request)

a) Nature of request

b) Requestor name

c) Requestor contact details

d) Requestor's interest in site, if known (eg, site owner, potential purchaser)

e) Date of request

f) Decision

g) Decision by <local authority officer's name and position>

h) Decision date

i) Reason for decision

j) Details of information released

k) Date of release

l) Any comments