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Appendix: URLs for Ecological Risk Assessment, Ecotoxicity Data, and Ecological Guideline Values

Websites containing guideline values, by geographical area

North America

US Environmental Protection Agency (human health soil screening levels)

Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA)

Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (environmental quality values)


UK Environment Agency

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (target and intervention values)

A collection of tables of soil and groundwater quality guidelines from around the world:


National Environment Protection Council (environmental investigation and intervention values)

Landcare Research

Websites that provide information on ecological risk assessment

US Environmental Protection Agency

Landcare Research

Websites that have ecotoxicity data

Landcare Research

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

United States Geological Survey (Columbia Environment Research Center)

US Environmental Protection Agency (Ecotoxicology)

Toxicology Data Network