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Appendix 3: Recommended Interview questions

  1. Why is this river/stream important to you?
  2. If you could protect five sites in the catchment which sites would you choose? Why would you protect them? (You will need to explain that for the purposes of the study a site is a reach of the river that can be viewed from one point during the study).
  3. How was this river used in the past? What sites were used?
  4. Can you still use each of these sites today?
  5. How is this river used today? What sites are still used?
  6. What mahinga kai sites did you use in the past in this river/stream? What was gathered from these areas? What mahinga kai sites do you still use today? What is gathered from these areas?
  7. For each species identified in the response to Question 6, ask the following:
    • How important was the species in the past?
    • How abundant was the species in the past (relative assessment)?
    • What was it used for in the past?
  8. What changes have taken place within the catchment that have affected your traditional sites?
  9. What are the main changes you have seen in this river/stream over the years? The following may be useful prompts:
    • catchment land use
    • river banks
    • river channel
    • flow
    • water quality
    • river mouth.

It is recommended that the interview be informal in nature, carried out in a conversational style and free of jargon or technical language. Each interview should last no more than an hour and a half (it may take less but should never be longer).