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Star ratings and water consumption

The star rating for WELS labels must be calculated in accordance with AS/NZS 6400.

Failure to meet any of the performance requirements specified for the product will result in an automatic zero rating regardless of the product’s water consumption.

For clothes washing machines and dishwashers half-star ratings are included so there are 12 possible ratings for these products – zero if they fail a performance requirement or have more than a base level of water consumption, then one star, one and a half, two, and so on up to the maximum of six stars.

There are no half-star ratings for showers, tap equipment, lavatory equipment or urinal equipment.

Showers are the only product class that are not to be offered the full range of possible star ratings at this time. Four-, five- and six-star ratings will be provided for in the AS/NZS 6400 once the performance tests for very low-flow showers have been developed.