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Practical tools and frameworks for Freshwater Policy Development

Publication date:  July 2017
Publication reference number:  CR 282

This project was aimed at developing Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s (BOPRC) staff capability to apply tools and frameworks to support freshwater policy development. It introduced tools, frameworks, processes and disciplines that will strengthen the policy process.

Summaries of each of three sub-projects are included in this report to provide a quick reference about what was learned. They learned that causal loop diagrams are a powerful tool to develop a simple shared understanding of complex freshwater systems.

A number of risks and uncertainties associated with management of fresh water in the two Water Management Area were identified and the likely implications of these were discussed as part of this project.

BOPRC intends to keep developing this thinking and embed the principles of identifying, assessing, reducing, communicating and managing risk and uncertainty in decision-making in each of the workstreams. The outputs of this sub-project are effectively some of the building blocks of scenarios to be tested through bio-physical catchment modelling and of the evaluation that will be required before a proposed plan change is ready.