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Options for estimating effects of proposed freshwater policies on Māori land-use potential

Publication date:  May 2020
Publication reference number:  CR 419

This is the first of two Infometrics reports providing Māori economic impact analysis for the Essential Freshwater proposals. The report uses Māori-owned collective lands as a proxy for the Māori economy and estimates the potential profit-loss impact of the 2019 freshwater package (with a focus on dissolved inorganic nitrogen). See Resource Economics Essential Freshwater Costs Analysis (see related publications below) base case results.

This report (report 1) provides options for analysis of current land use compared with potential land use. Note: conservation land, lakes, rivers and towns are excluded in this analysis. 

Data sets referenced

LUCAS (LUC) layer and land-use name (NA) as of 2016

LUC (Land-use capability) data

Māori Land Court published data