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The Ministry for the Environment contracted Environmental Resources Management to undertake a life-cycle impact assessment study of mercury-containing lamps to assess the relative life-cycle impacts of mercury-containing lamps when managed under the following scenarios:

  • recycling at end-of-life
  • disposal in landfill at end-of-life
  • reducing mercury at-source.

The report is part of a series of three reports that strengthen the evidence base for a potential industry-led voluntary product stewardship scheme. The other reports are Mercury Inventory of New Zealand 2008 and New Zealand Lighting Industry Product Stewardship Scheme.


Acknowledgements are given to the following contributors as the external review panel consisting of three experts:

  • Donald Hannah, ERMA, New Zealand;
  • Dr. Barbara Nebel, Scion, Wellington; and
  • Dr. Sarah McLaren (chair), Landcare Research, Wellington.