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Data gaps

We summarise some of many gaps in available data about water quality. We acknowledge that information to fill some of these gaps may already exist, or research is underway. We intend to provide information that will fill these gaps (if available) in our next report on fresh water.

  • Long-term water temperature and flow information.
  • The effects that pressures are having on flow regimes.
  • Information on actual water use and its impact on flow regimes.
  • Time series of how consented volumes have changed over time.
  • Information on the impact of human-made modifications, such as dams, piped sections of rivers, and other channel modifications, on water flows.
  • Information on where and when restrictions on water takes are in place (eg consent conditions may restrict water takes when the river flows fall below a certain flow rate) and the impact of the restrictions on river flows.
  • The extent and volume of aquifers.
  • Information on how taking water from surface water bodies affects groundwater flows, and vice versa.
  • Information on the effects of takes for permitted activities on flow regimes.