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Essential freshwater: Impact of existing periphyton and proposed dissolved inorganic nitrogen bottom lines

Publication date:  September 2019
Publication reference number:  ME 1467

As part of the Essential Freshwater programme, the Government is considering changes to nitrogen and phosphorus regulations. This study aimed to determine the impact of the proposed new nitrogen regulation.

First, the impact of the bottom-lines for riverine nitrogen under the current NPS-FM (that is, the periphyton and nitrate toxicity bottom lines) was estimated. Then, the impacts of applying the Essential Freshwater proposal for nitrogen were estimated.

The study updates the understanding of the impact of the current National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management for riverine nitrogen and quantifies the additional impact of the Essential Freshwater proposal.


Dissolved inorganic nitrogen impact modelling dataset [Databox] - Note you will need R software to open the data file.