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Development of ecosystem health bottom-line thresholds for suspended and deposited sediment in New Zealand rivers and streams

Publication date:  September 2019
Publication reference number:  CR 360

This draft NIWA report provides the first attempt to develop bottom-line thresholds for suspended and deposited sediment based on ecological responses for New Zealand rivers and streams.

This draft report met all the Ministry’s requirements. However, following review of the research approach it initially developed and that was undertaken in this report, the Ministry decided to conduct further analyses that could not be accommodated within the scope of this project. Therefore, the Ministry and the authors of this report collaborated to develop the scope of research presented in Deriving potential fine sediment attribute thresholds for the National Objectives Framework (Franklin et al, NIWA June 2019),

Because the material presented in this draft report was a vital stepping stone in the research process that informs national policy proposals, the Ministry is publishing the draft report. We emphasis that results from Franklin et al are the basis for National Policy Statement Freshwater Management consultation proposals in 2019.