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Data gaps

We summarise some of the many gaps in available data about water quality. We acknowledge that information to fill some of these gaps may already exist, or research is underway. We intend to provide information that will fill these gaps (if available) in our next report on fresh water.

  • Ecological and cultural health of wetlands.
  • The national extent and severity of barriers to fish migration.
  • Information on how the freshwater network is connected and the impact of modifications to rivers on the connectivity of the network, including changes in physical habitat.
  • Nationally consistent deposited fine sediment data, and the impact of human-induced accelerated erosion on freshwater habitats.
  • Freshwater habitat quality and quantity.
  • The linkages among biodiversity, ecosystem function, and environmental stress, including stress improved by pest plant and animal species.
  • The health of taonga species and the impact this has on te ao Māori, including mahinga kai practices.
  • Cultural health information on a larger number and geographic distribution of water bodies.
  • The sensitivity and vulnerability of freshwater ecosystems to climate change.
  • Increased information on the taxonomy, distribution, and abundance of freshwater plants, wading birds, amphibians, and freshwater fish, invertebrates and microorganisms.
  • National distribution and abundance data for freshwater fish, invertebrates, and plants.