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Appendix 1: Information sheet

The information sheet concerns the proposal to use the Cultural Health Index for streams.

It is necessary to collect data about the catchment to identify and understand stream related issues. It is important to agree how that data is to be managed. Therefore this information sheet presents a data management process.

  1. Participants will be informed of the nature of the project.
    1. Participants will be asked to give their informed consent before participating (see consent form).
    2. Hui will inform participants/iwi members of overall progress of the research
  2. Participation in the research project, or parts of, will be voluntary. Participants are free to withdraw at any stage and request that any information they have provided be returned to them.
  3. We acknowledge the sensitivity of the information gathered and the need to carefully manage that information. All information and material gathered during the course of interviews will remain anonymous. If an interviewee consents, his/her tapes will be held by the kaitiaki rūnanga. If the interviewee does not consent to the rūnanga holding his/her tape, management of that tape will be decided by the interviewee at the time of the interview.
  4. The outcome of this project is an assessment of the health of streams within your area. No individually identifiable information (either from an individual interviewee or site specific information for the catchment involved) will be disclosed.
  5. The information gathered will be used solely for the purpose of assessing stream health using the Cultural Health Index and using the data collected to develop improved management regimes.