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This is a correct copy of:

1. The following provisions of the Proposed Canterbury Natural Resources Regional Plan (adopted by the Canterbury Regional Council on 28 March 2002 and publicly notified on 1 June 2002 for submissions, including variation 1 to that plan, adopted by the Canterbury Regional Council on 27 May 2004 and publicly notified on 3 July 2004 for submissions):

  • Section 1.3.1 Cross boundary processes
  • Objective WQL1 Water quality outcomes for rivers and lakes
  • Objective WQL2 Water quality outcomes for groundwater and contaminated land
  • Objective WQL3 Water quality outcomes for community drinking water sources
  • Section 5.7 Making resource consent applications and providing information
  • Section 5.10 Financial contributions
  • Section 5.12 Water quantity monitoring
  • Table WQN26: Daily Stockwater requirements
  • Table WQN27: Example of application of provisions for stockwater
  • Appendix WTL1: Wetland Assessment Methodology

2. Table A1 in "Schedule WQN9 Revision - Review of seasonal use approach included in proposed NRRP". Report U05/15, May 2005. Prepared for Environment Canterbury by Anthony Davoren and David Scott.

that are incorporated by reference in accordance with clause 30 of Schedule 1 of Resource Management Act in the Waitaki Catchment Water Allocation Regional Plan.

The Board certified this material as a correct copy by resolution duly passed at a meeting held on 30 September 2005, after approving the Plan in accordance with section 26 of the Resource Management (Waitaki Catchment) Amendment Act 2004.

DATED at Christchurch this 30th day of September 2005.

David Sheppard (Judge) Chairperson

Sheila Watson Deputy Chairperson

Dr Nick Brown

Edward Ellison

Claire Mulcock

Waitaki Catchment Water Allocation Board