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10 Acknowledgements

Development of the New Zealand Marine Environment Classification has been funded by the Ministry for the Environment (MfE), the Ministry of Fisheries and Department of Conservation (DoC). Development of the Marine Environment Classification began in 2000 and its evolution represents the collective involvement and support of many people. We are grateful for the financial support of these organizations and the stewardship of Megan Linwood of MfE during the course of the entire project.

We acknowledge the guidance of the steering group including: Clinton Duffy (DoC), Don Robertson (NIWA), Dominic McCarthy (Auckland Regional Council), Mathew Batholomew (MFish), Jacqui Burgess (MFish), Ben Sharp (MFish), Bob Cooper (Tai Perspectives), Brigit Stephenson (MfE), Kirsty Johnston (MfE), Eric Verstappen (Tasman District Council), Stephanie Turner (Environment Waikato), Malene Felsing (Environment Waikato), Franz Smith, Kevin Stokes (Seafood Industry Council), Nici Gibbs (Seafood Industry Council), Philippe Lallemand (Seafood Industry Council), Peter Hamill (Marlborough District Council) and Steve Wing (University of Otago).

The development of the Marine Environment Classification was only possible due to the collective knowledge and expertise of a wide range our colleagues at NIWA. We thank the following people for the contribution of their time, knowledge, data, models, analytical skills and enthusiasm: Ashley Rowden, Basil Stanton, Denis Gordon, Derek Goring, Geoff Read, Graham Fenwick, Graham Inglis, Helen Hurren, Janet Grieve, John Zeldis, Judi Hewitt, Ken Richardson, Keri Niven, Kevin McKay, Lionel Carter, Malcolm Francis, Mark Hadfield, Marty Flanagan, Matt Pinkerton, Michael Uddstrom, Spanners Watson, Prabu Chandramohan, Richard Garlick, Richard Gorman, Rob Bell, Scott Stephens, Simon Thrush, Terry Hume and Ude Shankar.