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Land Environments of New Zealand

Last updated July 2009

Land Environments of New Zealand (LENZ) is a classification of environments mapped across New Zealand’s landscape – a classification that is nationally consistent, works at a range of scales and comes complete with information about climate, soils and landforms. LENZ maps New Zealand’s landscapes at four different levels using 20 (Level I), 100 (Level II), 200 (Level III) or 500 (Level IV) environments. It has been produced in partnership with Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd and consists of four products:

  • Two datasets with detailed information: one contains the classification data layers, the other the underlying climate, soils and landform variables that make up the classification system.
  • A full colour atlas for general use that presents Levels I and II of the classification and describes the what, where, when, who and how of the system. It also includes six example case studies for conservation and resource management applications and Level II maps of the North and South Islands.
  • A technical guide that describes Levels II, III and IV of the classification including its construction and guidelines for its electronic use in a geographic information system.


For more information on LENZ visit the Landcare Research's LENZ page.