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Figure 9.2: New Zealand’s soil orders (South Island)

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(1) Only 12 of New Zealand’s 15 soil orders occur in the South Island.

(2) The brown soil order is divided into two sub-orders (brown soils and brown soils – stony) for the purposes of this Figure.

Source: Adapted from Molloy, 1998.

Text description of figure

Figure 9.2 is a map that shows the extent to which each of 12 of the 15 soils orders for New Zealand cover the South Island.  Each of the 12 soils orders are shown in a separate colour. These include:

  • Allophanic soils
  • Anthropic soils
  • Brown soils
  • Brown soils – stony
  • Gley soils
  • Melanic soils
  • Organic soils
  • Pallic soils
  • Podzol soils
  • Raw soils
  • Recent soils
  • Semiarid soils
  • Ultic soils.

Table 9.1 notes the locations for the 15 soil orders shown in Figure 9.2. Table 9.1 also notes the percentage of national cover of each of the 15 soil orders.